Measuring Business Development Manager Performance

Measuring Business Development Manager Performance.

This indicator is for measuring of: performance of a New Business Development Manager for Direct Retail, Franchisee, Expansion and Distribution in new Territories as well as Existing process;

Possible ideas for the KPIs: Market assessment, ROI Projection, Location Finding shortlisting, Negotiating the Lease Dead, opening new company owned and franchisee owned retail stores, Project Execution Monitoring, Store performance monitoring as per ROI Projected, appointing new distributors in new territories, , …

KPI Time Frame: update once a month.


I would suggest to start not with specific KPIs, but with a strategic business objectives. Before focusing on KPIs you need to understand how what business development manager is doing will help your company. What is more important is to understand the cause and effect connection between what manager is doing or will be doing and these business objectives.

For example: “Location Finding shortlisting.” How do your manager know that the location is what your business is looking for? Why do your business need this location? What are requirements for this location? That’s why it is crucial to create a strategy map in a first place. Once you have it the task of finding KPIs will be solved easier.